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New attractions at the Steam Museum

We have two new attractions - a 28 person capsule & Satan's Toy - all 950kg of it!

An original 1960s Bucker 28-man life capsule

This 28 person capsule has been donated to the museum by Survival Systems International UK Ltd. (SSI) based in Gt. Yarmouth.

The first totally enclosed, motor propelled, US Coast Guard Approved survival craft ever built for the offshore oil and gas industry anywhere in the world was manufactured by Whittaker Corporation in 1968.

Since building the first lifeboat for offshore use in 1968, SSI’s single cable capsule design has been used in over 60 emergency evacuations and has safely evacuated more than 2200 offshore workers.

The capsule is the only lifeboat designed specifically for the offshore oil worker’s use and safety; it is not an adapted ship’s lifeboat that has been designed for seamen.

Single cable capsules do not go on ships, they are specifically designed for, and used by, offshore rigs and platforms. Twin-fall lifeboats are designed for ships and seaman and adapted for offshore use.

An original 1960s Bucker 28 man life capsule

Satan's Toy – 950kg International Pulling Tractor

Saton's Toy was first built during the winter of 1991. It was the first and only Jet Turbine Mini Puller built and raced in the United Kingdom.

The tractor was built by The Riot Racing Team of Neal, Nigel and Claire Davis. Mini Pullers are built to the international standard of max weight with driver of 950 kilogrammes, ready to race. They must not exceed 10 feet long x 6 feet wide and the largest rear tyre must not exceed a 16.4 x 18.1 inch Dick Cepek Giant Puller tyre. Any engine and power train may be used as long as it complies with the above Regulations and meets certain safety standards.

The most common arrangement is to use an American V8 engine modified to full drag race spec with supercharging and alcohol fuel, but this is very expensive (around £20,000 at 1990 prices). Riot Racing were always looking for experimental engineering solutions and at best price and reasoned that Aero engines produce large power outputs and are reasonably light, but best of all could be bought cheaply from government surplus outlets. Neal Davis was serving with the RAF in the late 1980s and managed to acquire (legally) a Rolls Royce Gnome gas turbine engine from a scrap whirlwind helicopter.

As this is a two shaft turbine designed to drive the rotors, it could readily be adapted to drive the rear wheels of a tractor. The tractor debuded in 1992 and immediately showed massive potential with 1000hp to the back wheels and around 80mph wheel speed.

Later the tractor was re-engined with a bigger Gnome from a Wessex helicopter with 1500hp and 100mph wheel speed. Over the next ten years the tractor was very competitive and was British Champion six times over, never finishing less than third. Unfortunately due to some serious accidents on the continent with Russian turbines, the European Tractor Pulling Committee brought in safety rules that made the continued running of Satans Toy economically impossible and the tractor was retired in 2013. It is exhibited here in full working order but cannot be run publically any more due to insurance reasons.

Satan's Toy – 950kg International Pulling Tractor

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